Smoking Bitch Satisfies His Fetish

smoking bitch

Check out these x-rated photos and see how this whore satisfied this boy's fetish the other night. She knew right away that there was something different about this fellow that she met at the bar. Every time she lit up a cigarette, he seemed to stare at her lips...

tags: smoking bitch | smoking fetish | wildest fantasies | 24 Jan 2010

Sahara Gets Mouth Fucked

fucking in public

Sahara and her boyfriend often asked each other what their naughtiest fantasies were and Sahara never had the guts to tell him what she really wanted. Finally last weekend Sahara opened up her moutha nd told her boyfriend all about her fantasy of being tied up, having a collar put around her neck and being told just what to do...

tags: fucking in public | nightie | all fours | 24 Feb 2010

Smoking Teen Sucks Dong

black bra and panties

Gillian has always been a smoker for as long as she can remember and she was so sick of dudes who wouldn`t date her twice because she refused to quit smoking. After Gillian`s last boyfriend dumped her for her smoking she decided to go to a smoking chatroom and look up a man who loved a kitten who smoked...

tags: black bra and panties | smoking teen | last boyfriend | 07 Mar 2010

Frank Gets Fucked

frilly lingerie

Frank was over at his friend`s house, they were all partying pretty hard and things were getting sort of out of control. Things only got worse the more the dudes drank but they just couldn`t help themselves and then things got just about as bad as they could get...

tags: frilly lingerie | nighties | soft material | 29 Mar 2010

Blonde Slave Gets Cookie Clamped

betty boops

Jasmine walked behind him through the rough dry grass that was whipping her chained ankles. Her hands and her feet were both shackled together and she was having a hard time keeping up with him as he walked ahead of her giving her just enough slack on her leash to be able to walk a few feet behind...

tags: betty boops | nipple clamps | hard nipples | 07 Apr 2010

Lynn Gets Double Fucked


Lynn has always been beautiful crazy in bed but when she went to a bar the night after breaking up with her boyfriend she had no idea that she`d get as crazy as she did that night! Things were going well as she was hitting on a nice-looking young guy, he was a good three years younger than her but he`d been in the military and Lynn had always had a thing for military men...

tags: ramrods | military men | weenie | 13 Apr 2010

Natalie Smoking Dick

soft smoke

Natalie was taking a smoke break at work, it`d been a long day already and she was just ready to go back home and crawl in to bed with a good book. As she stook upon the roof one of her co-workers watched her smoking from across the way and finally Natalie walked over and asked him what he was looking at...

tags: soft smoke | blow smoke | smoke break | 18 Apr 2010

Sam Gets Tricked


Sam was relatively new to the tech company he was working for but so far he really liked the job. He got to wear his jeans on the job and he got to pay calls to some really pretty and fuck addicted women who were stranded at home and needed his help getting their computers up and running...

tags: kittens | strange turn | nippers | 10 May 2010

Malcolm Gets Teased

two ladies

Malcolm was out touring town while he waited to meet up his daughter for lunch but when she called and said that she had an important client show up and bumped lunch to dinner he was left to tour town all on his own...

tags: two ladies | sausages | taboo | 11 May 2010

Tiffany Takes Two Dicks

one saturday night

Tiffany has always been a multi-tasker, she even multi-tasks with her boyfriends and she has such an attitude that she doesn`t care if they find out about each other as long as she`s getting her fill. Usually her guys start backing off when they realize that she`s cheating on them but last month when the two men she had been seeing realized that she was fucking both of them things didn`t quite go as they usually did...

tags: one saturday night | two dicks | multi tasker | 25 May 2010

Andrea Smoking Dick

soft smoke

Andrea is a delicious raven haired girl who has always smoked but she didn`t know until she met up with Alfie what a turn on smoking could be for some dudes! Andrea certainly enjoyed a good cigarette but as it turned out Alfie enjoyed a good cigarette a lot more than she did...

tags: soft smoke | cloud of smoke | white smoke | 30 May 2010

Carlton Gets Sucked Off By A Cross Dresser!

cross dresser

Carlton has always thought he was hot good with the ladies, he wasn`t a stunner by any means but he always figured out a way to get the babe. Usually he was out at clubs with his friends and he`d be so drunk that by the time he asked the babes out he didn`t really care if they said yes or no...

tags: cross dresser | stunner | hotties | 20 Jun 2010

Pete Gets Fucked

pete s place

Pete and his wife had been having issues lately, he didn`t know what started it all but he did know that he was no longer attracted to her. Eventually they drifted so far apart that they ended up splitting up and Pete got an apartment of his own...

tags: pete s place | hellip | tight ass | 21 Jun 2010

Sandra Sucks And Fucks Dick!

housewarming party

Sandra has always loved playing the kinky little floozy, no matter what she does she just can`t help taking on anything and everything she can get her hands on. Sandra usually goes out and finds her newest fuck buddies at local clubs and bars and sometimes she even meets them at her girlfriends parties...

tags: housewarming party | luscious legs | guest bedroom | 06 Jul 2010

Helen Smokes With Her Babe pot

dirty old man

Helen is a cute coed who loves to play the part of the cute coed kitten! When she met her current fuck buddy she started teasing him by calling him a dirty old man since he was quite a few years older than her...

tags: dirty old man | coed | cigarette | 12 Jul 2010