Boys Get Curious After A Few Drinks

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Check out these video clips of these drunk and very curious boys. The original plan was to have a few drinks then head out to the local club to pick up some hotties. However, after a few drinks they both started to look at each other differently...

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Horny Twinks Exchanging Marvelous Goo

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Check out these steamy pics of two very fuck starved boys. They couldn't wait to get back to some place private. They needed to be alone and as soon as they closed the door, they started to kiss. But of course, these horny boys did more than just kiss...

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Crossdressers Sucking Hard Dong

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Check out this kinky adventure from Dudes Fun. This man was driving down a stretch of remote dirt road when he spotted two women standing next to a car. At least he thought they were women. They were standing next to a car with the hood popped up and it was sexy obvious that they needed a ride to the service station...

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Gay Crossdressing Fantasy Cums True

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Check out these pretty crossdressing videos. It features a crossdressing stud that has been dressing as a woman for years, however it was always when he was alone in his bedroom. It turned him on so much to dress as a woman, but he had one fantasy that he wanted to make come true...

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Fuck starved College Boys Fucking

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Check out these extra hot and steamy video samples from All Twinks Here. This gay video features two very pretty and very horny college boys. Now that they're at college and have the privacy to do whatever they want, they're exploring their sexual curiosities...

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Gay Cowboys Rob Innocent Man

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Check out the latest adventure from Bad Cowboys. This farmhand was innocent enjoying his lunch break when he heard some horses coming his direction. He recognized the instantly, they were the Bad Cowboys...

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Gay Bareback Sex On The First Date

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It was just their first, but after dinner these two gay men decided to skip dinner and head someplace more private. Their was a definitely connection between the two and their bodies were getting filled with lust that they couldn't control...

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Bisexual Threesome On The Pool Table

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Check out this nice-looking and steamy bisexual threesome. She knew that her boyfriend had some gay fantasies, so for his birthday she decided to make it come true. She had a co-worker that was gay and that night she invited him to come over...

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White Stud Takes On A Large Black Penis

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Check out this Black Seducer adventure featuring a bisexual white stud. He's sucked a few cocks and even had his asked drilled a couple of times before, but none of that prepared him for the giant penis in between this lack stud's legs...

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Horny Gay Boys Having Fun

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It looked like it was going to be a nice-looking boring night for this gay college dude. Then he called up his friend and when he found that he wasn't doing anything either, they decided to watch a video together...

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Boys Get Naughty In The Wedding Suite

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Check out this naughty Boy's Wedding adventure. It's the wedding night, but these boys weren't the ones getting married. Downstairs the reception is still going on, but these fuck starved twinks snuck up to the hotel room to have their own fun before the bride and groom got there...

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Straight Guy Goes For An Anal Ride

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Have another exciting adventure from Crazy Gay Bus to share with you today. This one features a straight fellow that thought he would be safe taking a ride home from a couple of strangers. However, he was in over his head and they were going to make him pay for it...

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Older Fellow Giving His First Oral sex

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Check out this pretty and steamy Favorite Boys adventure. This one features a forty-something math teacher that's always had gay fantasies. However, he's married to a woman and always kept them as just fantasies...

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Straight Chap Meets Two Gay Guys

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Check out these hardcore scenes from Gay Cartoon. This adventure features a straight man that's coming home from the bar when he runs into two of his gay friends. The straight dude is horny and ready to lose all of his inhibitions...

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Gay Semen Swapping Fun

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Frankie had been eyeing Shawn for a long time but he`d never had the balls to ask him out because quite honestly he didn`t think he`d be in to him but last week at the company birthday party Frankie decided to do it...

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Ball goo Loving Gay Boys

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Check out this extra steamy adventure from the Real Goo Swap. This one features three fuck addicted fellows that got together for some fun last night. It was nothing but sex, no strings attached. These boys have fooled around before, but nothing like this before...

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Cross Dressing Studs And The Drunk Stud

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Check out this adventure from Dudes Fun. If he had been sober, this man would've easily seen that the women he was chatting with online were actually men. However, he was drunk and couldn't tell. When they invited him to semen over, he grabbed a beer and headed right over...

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Boy In A Skirt Getting Drilled Like A Cutie

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Check out these pics of a dream jizz true for this crossdesser. He had been dressing up like a woman for a while now, but always in the privacy of his own home so that no one else would find out about his fetish...

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Joe Cums in a Glass

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Joe still hadn`t come out of the closet to all of his friends at tutor, in fact the only one who knew was his best friend and the only reason he knew was because he was gay too. The two of them had started messing around together one lunch time after they started to tell their secrets to each other and running off to the bathroom afraid that he`d goo all over himself Joe was shortly followed by Andrew and it wasn`t long before the two of them were going at it in the bathroom stall...

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Breaking in the Farm Hand

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Juan had just started his new job as a farm hand on Reynolds farm and while he`d never done a farm hand job before he had worked manual labor for his entire life so he was pretty sure that he`d do well at the job...

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Gay Foursome

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Carlos had been trying to get his bestfriend to join him and his lover for a while but his bestfriend just wasn`t sure about the whole thing. Danny was mostly worried that it`d make things too weird for them afterwards but one night last week when Danny and his partner were over for dinner Carlos kept refilling their wine glasses and it wasn`t long until everyone started to loosen up and things got to be a little more fun...

tags: having a laugh | wine glasses | gay foursome | 22 Feb 2010

Randy Takes Three Black Dicks

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Randy had been dating Dashon for two months when he first suggested that they live out each others ultimate fantasies. Randy was a pretty submissive stud and his fantasy was fairly routine involving handcuffs, body lotions and the like but when it came to Dashon`s fantasy things took a glamorous interesting turn...

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Ryan Takes A Corpulent Black Dong

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Ryan had been having a really rough week, he`d lost his job and his boyfriend of four years had dumped him because he hooked up with a nice-looking black fellow at a local nightclub. Ryan was pissed and looking for revenge so he went down to the same local nightclub to see if he could find himself a pretty black dude to fill his needs as well...

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Gay Dick Play

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Dylan had always been beautiful conflicted about porn, he knew all the dudes his age wanted to look at big tittied beauties but all Dylan could think about was the fat dicks that were plunging in to those large tittied gals...

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Pre-wedding Gay Sex

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Pierre and Danny had traveled across state lines to get marries and with their ceremony in just a few hours they just couldn`t hold out anymore! They had abstained from even touching each other for a good month before the ceremony but after so long they just couldn`t make it the last few hours and grabbing Danny`s hand Pierre pulled him in to a room in the hotel that the maids had left open...

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Rico Gets A Ride

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Rico had finished up the part time work he`d been contracted to do for a nice old man and he thought he`d wait in the same spot as before to see if anymore work came his way. As he waited by the side of the road a big white van pulled up and they beckoned for Rico to get inside...

tags: nice old man | part time work | moolah | 03 Mar 2010

Dennis Takes A Messy Cumshot

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Kyle met his current boyfriend at a local bar when they were both with other people. They both knew that they were the ones for each other at the time and that the people that they were with weren`t the ones who made them happy so Kyle secretly slipped his telephone number in to Henry`s pocket when they said their goodbyes...

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Stefan`s First Gay BJ

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Stefan had just seperated from his wife after fifteen years of being married and one of the studs from his gym offered to let him stay in his spare bedroom until he figured things out. Stefan couldn`t decline the offer because really he had no where else to go but he was a little bit worried that his friend would try to come on to him because he`d heard that Frankie was gay...

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Miko Fucks Gay Ass

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This fuck addicted blonde coed was visiting Japan when he got picked up by a hot dude. He couldn`t help but want to feel his boner deep in his ass and so he followed him through the busy streets. Rounding corners and ducking in alleys soon he was led in to a dark door and out behind a curtain...

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Stanley Gives A Gay Lesson

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Stanley was an art teacher at a local community college, he always paid special attention to his male students who showed an interest in him. Last week one of Stanley`s students approached him and asked him if he could talk to him for a moment, Stanley agreed but had no idea what he was about to be asked...

tags: hot twinks | local community college | how to suck a dick | 12 Mar 2010

Damien and Hal Getting Off

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Hal had just been laid off from his part time job and was pretty upset because it meant that he wouldn`t be able to pay for his text books for next semester. When he got back to the apartment he shared with Damien he started telling him all about his awful day when Damien suggested that they play a drinking game or three to put them both in better moods...

tags: part time job | awful day | drinking game | 26 Mar 2010

Andy and Allen Swap Ball goo

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Andy had had a crush on his best friend Allen for as long as he could remember and while both of them had a thing for penis there was never a time when they got together. It was always a case of one of them having a boyfriend and then the other one being single but one night after one too many drinks Allen forgot all about having a boyfriend and things got hot heated between Andy and Allen as they sat on the livingroom couch over at Andy`s house...

tags: warm skin | dark hole | goo | 27 Mar 2010

Tony Gets Tricked

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Tony was out looking for some fun and he`d taken his convertible to try and lure some pretty kittens in, little did he know that he was the one who was going to get lured in! As he sat outside in his car two girls came walking over and started asking him about his car...

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Twinks Crossing Swords

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Sam and Greg had been working long hours at the office all week but then again that`s what happens when you fund your own software company. Lucky for the two of them that they had built in some fun features in their new office including a pool table and some old video game machines to keep them busy on the breaks they needed to take throughout the day...

tags: video game machines | sloppy facials | old video game | 01 Apr 2010

Hardcore Cowboy Fucking

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Enrico was sitting under a tree counting his money since he`d just been paid but when two of the other farmhands saw him with a fist full of cash they decided that they wanted a handful of dollars. Pulling out his gun one of the other farm hands pointed it at Enrico and told him to hand the cash over...

tags: hardcore cowboy | farm hands | farmhands | 02 Apr 2010

Barebacking Orgy

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Dan and Phil had just recently moved in to a new place and they thought it`d be fun to invite their best friends Henry and George over to break the place in a bit. When they originally invited them they were thinking a few drinks, some story telling, a nice dinner and then everyone would go home but things didn`t quite turn out like that...

tags: nice dinner | inhibitions | lost one | 05 Apr 2010

Damon Takes Three Black Dicks

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Damon had been semi-stalking his new neighbor for a month now, he thought he was sexy and spent most nights laying in bed stroking his dick and imagining that it was Olly from next door that was doing the stroking...

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Toby Takes a Corpulent Black Dong

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Toby was on the job, he had to help a boy move a three bedroom apartment to a new three bedroom apartment across town and his partner hadn`t shown up to help him with the move. Toby was pissed off that he`d had to make the move on his own but to the fellows credit he had helped move his own stuff since it was just Toby helping him...

tags: black penis | bedroom apartment | dark hole | 09 Apr 2010

Jamie Takes It In The Ass

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Jamie and Dylon had been rooming together for a while, they had a third roommate Jessica but she didn`t quite fit together as well as Jamie and Dylon. Jessica was always yelling at the dudes for being too loud or staying out too late and waking her up when they got back home but most of all she didn`t fit together as well as Jamie and Dylon because Jamie and Dylon had started fucking each other a few months ago...

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Michael Toys His Ass

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Michael was finally getting married to his boyfriend of four years and to say he was nervous was a real understatement. As he sat in the hotel room just an hour before he was supposed to say `I Do` he started to shake and panic about the what if`s...

tags: dick twitch | chocolate hole | flask | 11 Apr 2010

Franco Gets Fucked

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Franco had been having a really hard time getting work lately but he`d heard a tip from one of his cousins that there was a corner on the edge of one of the richer neighborhoods that had some sexy frequent work opportunities...

tags: dick franco | frequent work | work opportunities | 14 Apr 2010

Riley and Darius Fuck Hard

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Riley was interviewing just about everywhere he could to get a job but the economy had been bad and he just couldn`t catch a break. Riley had been trekking around all day filling in applications and he had just one store left to check out, a local photography studio who was looking for a general run around guy...

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Kevin and Carlo Suck cock

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Kevin and Carlo had been friends for a long time and they`d never actually thought about touching each other in that way but after a few drinks to celebrate Kevin`s birthday things got a little bit out of hand...

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Breaking Up A Fight To Suck cock


Andrew walked in to his club on Thursday to find two of his employees fighting right in front of the entryway. Standing between the two of them he told them both that he wasn`t about to stand there and listen to them going at it in his business and he wanted them to both clear out and cool off...

tags: entryway | fitter | dudes | 21 Apr 2010

Mr Allen Teaches Fucking

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Randy and Ian were sitting at home on the couch and started to tease each other. It wasn`t an unusual game for the boys to play while watching tv and it usually led to full blown blowjobs and fucking but last night while they were teasing each other, already completely naked there came a knock at the door...

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Oliver and John Fuck

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Oliver and John had been having studs nights out for a few months now and usually they go out to their local bar, have a few brews and just watch a game or two on the massive screen. Last week though Oliver`s girlfriend left him and being newly divorced John invited him to come over to his place instead so that he could vent without being in public...

tags: six packs | dark hole | naked ass | 07 May 2010

Ringo and Dan Swapping Ball goo

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Ringo and Dan had a speech to prepare for their business class and time was running out fast so they decided to meet up at Ringo`s place when his boyfriend was at work so that the two of them could get the whole thing finished up...

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Malcolm Gets Teased

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Malcolm was out touring town while he waited to meet up his daughter for lunch but when she called and said that she had an important client show up and bumped lunch to dinner he was left to tour town all on his own...

tags: two ladies | sausages | taboo | 11 May 2010

Raymond and Fred Teasing Dick

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Raymond and Fred were headed off to college and to be honest they were a little bit nervous about going. Neither of them knew each other and were terrified that they`d get stuck with a roommate who just didn`t `get` them...

tags: dick raymond | dormroom | laid back | 14 May 2010

Landon Gets Fucked

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Landon had been searching for a job for months now and he was beginning to get desperate. He wanted nothing more than a job to keep his bills paid and get his girlfriend off his back but he just wasn`t having any luck...

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Stan and Gregor Sucking cock

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Stan and Gregor had been working together for years. They had both been assigned to the same lab in grad discipline and had come to know each other gorgeous well over the years. The late nights in the lab were nice-looking conducive to getting to know each other`s deepest and naughtiest secrets...

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Sean whipped out

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Ian has always been the type of man who sees what he wants and then goes out and gets it regardless of what it is. When he met the newest hire at work and saw that he was a smoking sexy dark dude with a body he could only dream of...

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Ian Sucks cock

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Ian has always been the type of guy who sees what he wants and then goes out and gets it regardless of what it is. When he met the newest hire at work and saw that he was a smoking beautiful dark man with a body he could only dream of...

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Hugh and Damien Cocksucking Fun

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Hugh had been studying under Damien at the local university for a couple of years now. Hugh was a artist who was particularly good at what he did and Damien had taken a real interest in him and his work...

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Gay Fuck Party

first day of spring

Victor, Julio and Marcus had finally made it to spring break. It had seemed like such a long time coming and they had been waiting for just a litte time off so that they could take a break and they fully intended on taking a break...

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Simon`s Wedding Night

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Simon had been waiting for his wedding day to arrive. He`d already had his bachelors party and he`d made it to the hotel with his best guy in tow and now all he had to do was make it through the night before his wedding and he`d be there...

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Marcus Sucking and Fucking

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Marcus was headed home from a few handy fellow jobs that he`d picked up to make ends meet when he heard a van coming up behind him. He moved over to the side of the road to let the van pass but as it approached him he heard it stop and a voice called out to him asking if he needed work...

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Jordan`s Ball goo Filled Ass

playing video games

Jordan and Franco have been out for a while but they had only ever been best friends and not lovers. Last week though when the two of them found out that they had got in to med teach they went out and bought a few six packs to celebrate...

tags: playing video games | six packs | drinking games | 28 May 2010

Matt and Mark in the Tub

naughty escapades

Matt and Mark had roomed together for just a few months now but it didn`t take long before the two of them really hit it off. It wasn`t long before the two of them found themselves sneaking in to each other`s rooms at night for a quick night time fuck and then they`d get back to their own rooms and in the morning it seemed like nothing had happened...

tags: naughty escapades | secret pact | cover of darkness | 01 Jun 2010

Jerry`s Package Arrives

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Jerry had been waiting for his bonus from work for weeks and each and every day he ran out to greet the mailman and every day he told him there was nothing for him. Jerry was beginning to lose hope when Friday rolled around and the mailman can knocking on the door with Jerry`s long awaited letter in hand...

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Glen Teaches Gay Fucking

business proposal

Glen was used to being a coach but when one of his old students showed up and asked coach if he was willing to come over to his place for dinner and hear a business proposal. Coach agreed without hesitation because now that he was all grown up his old student was dick hardeningly hot...

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Antonio`s First Gay Gangbang

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Antonio had been dying to move out of his parents place and in to his own apartment but he hadn`t been able to afford his own place so he`d been trolling through classified ads trying to find a house to share...

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Donny Gets A Mouthful


Donny has always loved cock, he loves penis more than most men love cunt and when he met up with Steven down at the career fair in town he knew that he wanted to see a lot more of him. He brushed his hand against his and asked him if he was currently seeing anyone...

tags: hellip | weenie | boner | 19 Jun 2010

Allan And Dan Jerk Off Together

milk cans

Allan and Dan always had something cued up to watch on their DVD player at home but one night the two of them decided to do something that they had never done before. They decided on a porno. The truth was that it was really just a joke, neither of them had ever watched a porno before so they thought it`d be fun to just check it out...

tags: milk cans | kittens | couches | 24 Jun 2010

Julio Gets His Rocks Off

local ranch

Julio had been working on the local ranch for a while, he hadn`t ever asked for a raise nor had he asked for any benefits from his boss because he was just happy to have a job. When one of the newer farm hands showed up on the scene though Julio started to worry about his job...

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Mike And James Sucking cock

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Mike and James met each other at a local bar, they both worked night shifts and grew to be hot close as the night hours dragged on. Sitting up on the bar in the middle of the night they would talk while they watched the cleanup crew going about their work...

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Marco Takes On Black Dick

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Marco had never had the chance to go to university before but when his full time job offered to pay him to go to school and get his degree he jumped at the chance. He couldn`t wait to get in to classes as well as to make new friends and maybe even join a fraternity...

tags: full time job | student orientations | frat house | 01 Jul 2010

Kevin Sucks A Big Black Dong!

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Kevin has been working in the computer repair business for years but never has anything happened like what happened last week. Kevin showed up at a clients house to help him fix a small connection issue he`d been having with his laptop...

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Ass Licking Twinks

chocolate hole

Rico and Julio have been working as a personal chef and a pool man to a sugar daddy they met for a few years now and they`d always respected his rules of the house – no playing around during work time...

tags: chocolate hole | pool man | personal chef | 04 Jul 2010

Callum And Ian Take A Shower


Callum and Ian were supposed to be getting married at five but they couldn`t resist seeing each other one more time before the ceremony. Callum dropped by Ian`s hotel room to give him a kiss and then go back to his own room to get changed but that`s not exactly how it happened...

tags: callum | warm water | hotel room | 04 Jul 2010

Stan Takes Two Gay Dicks

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Stan had been having a hard time making ends meet lately. No matter how hard he worked at the farm his boss just wouldn`t give him a raise and he was forced to go out every weekend looking for work wherever he could get it...

tags: gay dicks | amount of money | instinct | 07 Jul 2010

Kyle Takes It In The Ass!

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Kyle has always been the sentimental sort of dude and he never believed in fucking just anyone, in fact he was twenty four before he nailed anyone and even then it was his tennis coach and it had been a long time coming...

tags: chocolate hole | tennis coach | friend tony | 09 Jul 2010

Sam Gets Twink Dick


Sam hadn`t been working for the building superintendant for long but when he was offered the job he could hardly say no. He had lived in the building for years already and he knew most if not all of the tennants so the idea of working where he lived was pretty intriguing...

tags: tennants | lightbulbs | superintendant | 13 Jul 2010

Stanley Teases The Doctor

thick hand

Stanley is a hot muscular man and when he tripped and fell while running last week a nearby doctor wasted no time in running over to help him. He ran over with his bag and called an ambulance while he took a look at Stanley`s leg...

tags: thick hand | muscular man | big weenie | 14 Jul 2010

Andy Gets A Dick Sucking Lesson

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Andy had had his eye on his roommate for a while, he watched him at night as he was getting changed and he could feel his knob throbbing just thinking about trailing his tongue up and down his warm skin...

tags: dick sucking | bottle of wine | warm skin | 15 Jul 2010

Callum Sucking Three Dicks!

hazing rituals

Callum had heard all about fraternities at the college he was headed to. His friends who already went to the college had told him about how tough it was to get in and all the hazing rituals they had to go through to get in to the fraternity but Callum had also heard that it would open many doors for him if he did get in to the fraternity so he was willing to give it a try and see if he could make it through the hazing process...

tags: hazing rituals | callum | fraternities | 30 Jul 2010

Ass Fucking Gay Couple

gay couple

Rob and Frankie had worked together at the photo studio for some time now. Over the years the two of them got really close and as they stayed after hours to clean up the studio and set up for the following days scheduled shoots...

tags: gay couple | eye to eye | photo studio | 01 Aug 2010

Juan Fucks A Cross Dresser

cutie pies

Juan had been having a hell of a day, his landlord had posted a notice of eviction and his boss had fired him. Juan had absolutely no idea where he was going to go or what he was going to do but he certainly felt like going out to get drunk off his ass...

tags: cutie pies | notice of eviction | kittens | 02 Aug 2010

Donny And Ashton Suck Each Other

man stuff

Donny and Ashton have been friends for just as long as they could remember and the two of them went on to room together at college. The dudes went on to date chicks and they`d go out and get drunk at parties and do the regular sort of college man stuff...

tags: man stuff | college man | feely | 05 Aug 2010

Weenie Hungry Cowboy

sausage sandwich

Lance had been out of work for quite a few months before he finally found himself a job at a local ranch. The pay wasn`t all that great but it was definitely better than nothing plus he got to spend the majority of his days staring at cute guys so that was quite a bit of a bonus in his book...

tags: sausage sandwich | local ranch | farm hands | 06 Aug 2010

Sammy and Hunter Get Naughty

chocolate hole

Sammy had never been the sort of fellow to just presume so when Hunter asked him on their first date he made sure to shower and shave and wear a nice outfit but he didn`t remember to bring a condom. He was certain that on the first date no one had sex and so he wasn`t too worried about the whole thing...

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