Katty Seduces Her Friend

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Everyone is a winner here! Check out the latest lesbian conquest from Bet On Lesbo Sex. Two rich cuties have too much free time on their hands, so they decided to make a bet to see who could have sex with the most women...

tags: study partner | cuties | conquest | 11 Jan 2010

Lesbian Femdom Fun

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Check out this latest adventure from In Femdom! Ariel is a brunette honey pie who loves to be called Miss, as in `yes Miss` and when she got together for some nice-looking lesbian fun with Laura and Laura forgot to call her Miss, well things got a little interesting...

tags: femdom fun | honey pie | juicy pussy | 01 Feb 2010

Teen Lesbians Licking

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Niyah had always had a crush on her best friend Lilly but Lilly was always dating some guy or other and Niyah never had the guts to let her know how she felt. Last week though when Lilly broke up with her boyfriend she went over to stay the night at Niyah`s house and they drowned her sorrows with a few drinks...

tags: honey pot | wet tongue | teen lesbians | 22 Feb 2010

First Time Lesbian Teens

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Lilah and her roommate Francis had signed up for a lot of the same classes this year to make sure that they had study buddies come exam time. Neither of the honeys were very good students though so when it came time to study they found themselves getting a little side tracked...

tags: time lesbian teens | first time lesbian teens | pink nipple | 05 Apr 2010

Lesbian Teeny Whores

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Tiffany and Alyssa have been friends for a while and when they finally got their first weekend off work they decided that they were going to have a completely drunk weekend doing all the stupid stuff they could think of...

tags: thong panties | wine coolers | comfy clothes | 18 May 2010

First Time Lesbian Cuties

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Candy and Sara have been longingly staring at each other for the entire last semester in class but neither of them actually had the guts to say anything to the other until the last day of class. Candy was sure that if she didn`t tell Sara that she thought she was hotter than hell then she`d regret it forever, and she was so right...

tags: girlfriend sara | hotter than hell | guts | 28 Jun 2010

Chastity Teases Babe pot


Chastity has never even thought about having sex with a babe, let alone with her roommate Donna but one night things got a little out of control and the two of them found themselves experimenting like they`d never thought about doing before...

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